Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instant-On Connector Troubleshooting

    • Section Overview

    • Instant-On Connector Triage Guide

    • How Do You Monitor an Instant-On Connection?

    • Resolving Common Status Alerts

    • Knowledge Check: Interpreting Status Alert Messages

    • How to Triage Data Discrepancy Issues

  • 2

    Smart Connector Troubleshooting

    • Section Overview

    • Smart Connector Triage Guide

    • Part I: Getting Started with Smart Connector Troubleshooting

    • Part II: Evaluating Source Files to Troubleshoot

    • Part III: The Importance of Uniqueness in Smart Connectors

    • Why Is My Rate or Calculated Percentage Incorrect?

    • Calculations Resources

    • Knowledge Check: Diagnosing Data Discrepancies