Session 1:

Admin & Aggregation

Are you a Super Admin? Learn how to manage your TapClicks account with ease in this session. You'll learn how to connect and manage your data and how to set up your users, client accounts, and more!

Session 2:

Visualization & Distribution

Learn tips and tricks about creating Dashboards and reports in Report Studio. In this session, you'll explore widget configuration and learn how to save time with executive summaries and scheduled reports.

Session 3:

Smart Connectors, Channels, Calculations

In this working session, you'll find out how to build your own data source with a Smart Connector, blend data sources with Channels, and create custom metrics with Calculations.

Training Reviews:

This was super helpful.

The pacing was perfect - I was able to keep up and take proper notes. The periodic quiz questions helped keep me engaged as well.

I liked the step-by-step walkthrough.

It was easy to digest, interesting and detailed.

Great refresher!

The trainer was very open to questions and I liked how interactive the session was.